Brix, Oxygen, Carbondioxide Measurement

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Centec Process Systems

Centec  skids are customized to the greatest extend possible. They are used in beverage and food industries throughout the entire manufacturing process. We are a leading supplier of technologies for water purification and for water deaeration in most various fields.

  • Water Pre-Treatment
  • Water Softening & Disinfection
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • WFI Distillation
  • Pure Steam Generation
  • Water & Product Deaeration
  • Wort Cooling & Wort Aeration
  • Yeast Pitching & Yeast Propagation
  • Carbonation & Nitrogenation
  • High Gravity Blending & Carboblending
  • Multi Component Mixing
  • Additive Dosing
  • Pasteurization
  • Dealcoholization
  • Cleaning-in-Place (CIP)
  • Valve Manifolds, Tanks & Vessels

Centec Measurement Instruments

Centec sensors are used in laboratory and process environments as stand-alone devices or as part of a process control system. Typical applications are measurement of: 

  • Oxygen (O2) in liquids and gases
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) in liquids
  • Density, sound velocity & concentration (e. g. alcohol, °Brix, °Plato, vol. %, mass %)