Robot Palletizer

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Robot Palletizer

EC-102 Industrial Robotic Palletizer which is released as the next-generation model and designed to meet both High-speed & Heavy Duty Palletizing applications. It will be able to cover a wide range of production requirements most economically.

EC-171 is High-Speed Robotic Palletizer & has the largest working envelope of all Fuji Robots while maintaining the smallest rotation radius. The EC-171 Robotic Palletizer is energy efficient using only 0 kva while still allowing the robot to work in tight space conditions and accomplishing a very high palletizing rate.

Through many years of research and development, the EC-201 Robotic Palletizer Is one of the most technologically advanced Robotic Palletizer in the market today. With three EC.201 models to choose from. Fuji Robotics offers a solution for High Speed Robotic Palletizer(HS), Heavy Weight Robotic Palletizer(HD) and/or Super Heavy Weight Robotic Palletizer(W) applications.